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Stumbling around the streets of Tokyo after having too much beer... does that count?

Um, I'm a creator at my core... when I was younger I did a part-time job creating stuffed animals. I guess that is one?

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Hello! Here we go. IGA wants to keep this closer to the style he is familiar with. There are a lot of pieces to balance for the game so a combo system might change the entire dynamic. Therefore he'd like to go with a more classic "dodge and attack" style.

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There are two for me. Obviously SOTN is one. It helped forge more career and allows me to have all these great fans. The other one is Tokimeki Memorial - A dating simulation game. It actually caused a minor social "revolution" and change in thinking in the Japanese society when it was released. It was very popular.

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Of course! I love my new baby "Bloodstained", but Castlevania is also a great IP I would never turn my back on...

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That is the plan right now.