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Have you spoken to survivors? I’m just asking because we actually have a pretty similar medical history, I was diagnosed with aml when I was 7 went into remission after chemo, but when I was 8, and then relapsed. I then had a bone marrow transplant from a stem cell donor, and made a full recover and afterward had a relatively normal childhood. I’m now in college living a normal life. I know it’s really hard, and it is something that will stick with you forever, but it doesn’t have to define you, and it’s possible to get back to normalcy. I’d be happy to answer any questions if you wanted

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That’s awesome that you have that, in my own experience dealing with the emotional effects of this kind of event may be even harder than the physical side of treatment, my treatment was really solitary. My parents were really paranoid about contact with other people while I was immunocompromised (my dad is a doctor so we aired on the side of extreme caution), plus I wasn’t emotionally intelligent as a kid enough to talk about that stuff with others. It’s kind of crazy how similar the medical side is though, I had a septic shock episode as well, it put me in a coma for two weeks

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Yeah, I got it a weird age, cause I was old enough to clearly remember everything, but I was still a kid and i was able to put my life on hold without many consequences. Which is a luxury anyone in high school or older may not have. If I were to give one piece of advice it’d be to be open about your emotional experience, when I was a kid I suppressed everything because I just wanted to get back to being normal, but then when I was a senior in high school I had a scare when we found a benign tumor in my arm. Immediately I lost it because all my surprised fears and emotions just came back up, I ended up having anxiety and depression issues that are much better, but I’m still fighting with. So just keep in mind that while you may be focused on getting your body cancer free, to not shove aside your emotional health.

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And yeah feel free to message me if u have any questions u wanna ask or anything like that