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Hi Dan. My question has to do with movement of storms up the coast. I am from New Jersey and remember how Hurricane Sandy just turned left right towards the Jersey Shore rather than moving up the coast or out to sea like most storms that move this far north. What was the reason why Sandy did that and also what is the main reason why storms move out to sea the further they move to the north?

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Do you have to have emergency exits inside escape rooms? If so, where are they usually located?

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Thank you for responding to my question. I really appreciate hearing your story Joseph. I currently go to UMD and plan on taking courses in meteorology next semester. I’ll be sure to find your email and send any questions I may have your way Doug.

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I’m a college student in DC area and I enjoy seeing you guys do the local weather each time I watch NBC. I have a passion for weather but I’m not sure how to get into doing stuff weather/meteorology related in college. My question is how did you guys get into meteorology and how did it lead you to your current jobs on TV today?

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I’m 19 and don’t have any underlying health conditions despite being on the chubbier side. I’m also a hypochondriac and have been scared like hell hearing that there are reports of more young people ending up in ICU’s and could eventually die once those ICU beds are all taken up and can’t get cared for. My question is how likely are young people are to die from this and how can we best prevent others like our siblings and parents from getting this when we may not know we have it?