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Hey Doug, huge fan of your work. I’m pumped for Seven Seas.

To the question: why are your CDs so damn hard to find? Last I checked, I still couldn’t buy CDs of Safe in the Steep Cliffs or Soon it Will be Cold Enough on your website.

Will we ever be able to order them new? Is this simply incompetency to find them on my part?I know I can buy FLAC if I want lossless, but I like having the physical object. I need my fix.

On a sidenote, your T-shirts are awesome, and you should come to Ithaca, NY sometime.

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Hi Mikel,

I just wanted to say thank you for your music. I've been listening to you guys since '09 and your music has been there for me in so many different times of my life. Hollywood Park is some of your best stuff yet and can't wait to hear what else you put out. It's fucking great to have you back and though it's a bummer I couldn't catch you in NYC back in April, will be seeing you next year in October.

I have a question about your writing process, both for songwriting and the memoirs. When did you feel the writing is done? I've heard some writers say they never feel a piece is complete, but for you personally, when are you able to step back and accept something as finished?

As a second question, any chance we'd ever get the bombastic music videos compiled as an album?

Thanks again for everything.

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Has the walrus joke gotten old yet?

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Congratulations on your kickstarter "Obduction" (I'm a proud backer)! I understand it's a spiritual successor to the myst series, which is easily one of my favorite game franchises. What elements will carry over? Will the game be point and click, or more involved? I was particularly fond of the use of linking books to travel from world to world, can we expect to see those, or will it be something different?

Edit: I understand your not quite as involved in this game as myst and riven, so if my question is out of place, I apologize.