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It seems like disinformation inherently exploits domestic tensions within the US. How can anyone measure its effect when those divisions exist irrespective of any foreign influence?

Even if a foreign actor "amplifies" these divisions in terms of messaging, tweets, and posts, ultimately voters already felt that way and are politically inclined in certain directions and seek out information spaces that confirm their prior biases.

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I’m sorry if I don’t immediately accept everything the author is claiming as gospel. I think it’s a lot more insulting to your intelligence that you feel that real dialogue happens without arguments and counter arguments.

How much do you know about the DC policy environment friend? Because the town is littered with people who claim to be a lot of everything without being much of anything. It’s a literal echo chamber of people who go around self-congratulating without engaging in hard conversations.

I think it’s highly important to understand the prism through which someone with a clearly large platform is relying on to inform their commentary. It’s pretty simple there, chief.

I asked her questions, to her credit, she responded. I’m sorry I offended you by using a throwaway account. Cant imagine why anyone on Reddit would make a new account for another reason other than engaging in mass conspiracy against some think tanker. Definitely not privacy.

Thank god people like you are defending the information space or we’d be fucked. I salute you.

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What does that even mean, time under my belt? How does one get more Reddit experience without commenting on threads?

I asked questions, she answered, and I accepted her responses and didn’t follow up. Not really sure what you want or how that makes me responsible for others’ commentary.

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I asked real questions so I don’t understand what your problem is

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Could you explain a little more what you mean by the "front lines" of the information war? Were you conducting influence operations first-hand? Were you embedded in a government-run information warfare unit?