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My wife has gone off sex loads the past 5 years. We've had kids in this time and one has special needs and her libido has dropped to wanting sex once every 18 months. We've tried relationship therapy but no luck. I've tried waiting and not saying anything no luck. I've tried talking about it but nothing has changed. She's also gone off the pill as she thought this may be the cause. No luck. What would you advise? I'm dying here!

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Thanks for this. We've just bought a hot tub which makes sure we spend time together without our phones. It's been nice to be honest. I get the being tired part.. I'm also exhausted and I make sure she has kid free days where I watch them to help her out. I feel like I'm doing the right kind of thing but I'm getting more frustrated as it doesn't seem to be working

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Thank you lovely Internet person. What a lovely empathetic response.

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I'm not bored of her ill tell you that much.