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I'm ok with PC to Mac marriage, but Mac to Mac and PC to PC marriages are just unnatural!

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...Looks like this AMA is now over. (From his posting history, he did take a 10 minute "break")

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Writing an order for vent settings is much different than getting the machine, gathering the supplies, building the circuit with HME/humidifier/water trap/suction, inputting the settings, and attaching it to the ET tube. I am confident many would struggle without a short training session. The good thing is that you don't need a ventilator in a rush if you have enough people to do short term BVM while people figure out things. (Former RT here)

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I've never seen hydrogen on both sides of the periodic table. Is NDT's experience skewed, is it mine, or did he misspeak? The most recent IUPAC Periodic Table does not have this feature.

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I don't know if you were watching TV the day of 9/11...but we had Bush declare Bin Laden the perpetrator by nightfall. And other information sources were saying it much earlier in the day.