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Speaking as a gay, BIC (born in the covenant) Exmormon, it's worse when that lens and scrutiny is put against yourself and you literally become a house divided... Such a far cry, actually being the target of discrimination and marginalization, than the faux persecution the Mormon church tries to make a big brouhaha of.

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Well...what if I identify as a label? What if my community is at OfficeMax?

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You are truly a very big-hearted and generous woman. Thank you for your acceptance and love for your brother, from one of his rainbow siblings! :)

Kkokonut2 karma

OP isn't a theologian, nor is he CLAIMING to be... But if God loves his children, then there is no way he could vilify homosexuality, why? Because I'm gay, and God would want me to fully experience life...and that includes the majesty and intimacy of same sex relationships.