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Kkatbat5 karma

What did you do to get your crazy flexibility?

Also, has anyone ever told you that you resemble Kate Mara?

Kkatbat1 karma

Are there any stretch routines you could recommend for gaining this flexibility?

I do yoga regularly but struggle with increasing my flexibility into the contortionist level.

Kkatbat-27 karma

I'd like to say you are brave as hell for putting up with all this attention. Personally I want to disappear and stay as lowkey as possible during transition but people like you are a huge inspiration and a hero for our community.

As someone who was going to go to OCS after college but stopped last minute I can confidently say I am extremely happy that I did not end up joining (for many reasons, transitioning under while Donald is your boss being one of them). Are you still content eith your choice to have enlisted? Would you change your decision if you could go back? Would you recommend other trans people joining the military at any point?