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I'll ask several questions, it'd be awesome if you could answer them all, if that's not the case, I'd be satisfied with getting one responded at least πŸ˜…

I. What's the rarest encounter that you've had with an animal?

II. What's something that should be common knowledge about the sea?

III. Which one's your favorite mythological underwater beast and why is that your choice?

P.s: You have an amazing life and it sounds like you enjoy what you do, that makes me happy for you πŸ˜„

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Hello and thank you for doing this Jared, out of all the fruits that you've tried, which one is the rarest one that you love the most and which one's the most common one that you like the least?

P.s: To add a little bit to what I asked, has your contorsionism abilities helped you to accomplish something during your fruit hunting (e.g. reaching a hard to get fruit from a narrow or steep place)?

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Hello Aaron, first of all, thank you for doing this ☺️

As for my question: What's the most unusual thing that you've witnessed while working with insects?

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A friend of one of my older brothers also works in stuff like this, sadly, I haven't been able to have a conversation with him about his work, this is why I find this AMA so cool, before I start with my questions, I'd like to thank you for doing this, your work is valuable Shannon, I hope that you hear that often πŸ™‚

Now, for my questions: I. Have you been able to witness some creatures from the deep that rarely show up?, If so, what has been your favorite encounter?

II. Despite the risks, why did you choose to do stuff like this, what motivated you to work in this area?

III. I believe that many people have asked you about the creepy and dangerous aspects of the work, so, I'll try something different with this question: What's the funniest thing that you've experienced during your work underwater?

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What's something peculiar about this owls and how was that discovered?

P.s: It sounds like you have an interesting & exciting life!