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Are you any relation to Chris McCandless of Into the Wild fame/infamy? Just curious because his father Walter also worked for NASA and the last name is fairly unique.

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Do you have any concerns that this technique could be ghoulishly misused by the heartless billionaires that seem determined to influence future space exploration?

I'm picturing crews that have to sign away rights to their precious bodily fluids, mandatory blood donations and diets that turn astronauts into more efficient blood factories.

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Got a source for that?

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Does it concern you at all that crypto has such high energy demands?

There were lots of stories around the bitcoin peak about how worldwide energy demand for crypto was higher than some nation states.

How do see crypto overcoming that shortcoming in an era of concerns about global warming and when reducing our energy footprint is at the front of many people's minds?

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To what extent do scientologists use the information that they obtain in audits to blackmail people into staying in scientology or participating in illegal activity on behalf of scientology.

Follow up question "former" scientologists have posted AMAs similar to this one in the past to misrepresent the organization as less bad than it really is. They say things like; "I left but it wasn't so difficult" or talk about positive benefits they got from the "tech". How can outsiders like mustn't best tell the difference between honest defections and disingenuous honey pots?