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So the main hall is 2,804 capacity. A big name who could fill all of the seats would have to sell the tickets for five dollars a piece to make a $20 profit on purely ticket sale basis. I recently was part of putting a show where over three nights roughly a thousand people came. If we only did one night, and we sold thr tickets for $15.60, roughly twice we charged this year, after exchange rate, but it's bloody Carnegie Hall, and even 900 of those people came, we'd still have $40 for props. Now, we'd have still made a loss overall, and we'd be buggered if we weren't working with volunteers, but God damn, is that cool that it would be technically possible.

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That is all super interesting. The theatre we performed in was about a five-hundred capacity British city one, and all of our fees came inclusive of staffing, with only a small extra fee for some of their headset hire, as the ones the company have are shite and busted. My projected "I'm willing to burn some money to perform here" amount of burn money would have to be a lot higher, if I somehow managed to do it... Ah well.

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Are there any genres that you prefer producing?

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Hell, even with NotePerformer I still get moments where I'm looking forward to the live instruments the most...