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My mom, who homeschooled me and is now a professor at a community college, always said that "a teacher is not a sage on a stage, but a guide on the side."

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It actually doesn't have anything to do with weight of the partner. Fractured peni come from hitting the girl's pelvic bones or thrusting in opposite directions (like happened here; the penis bends beyond what it can handle) so it can happen with the tiniest chick or the largest.

Just FYI.

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What do you believe is a valid way to both prevent piracy but not over-reach government control into private life, especially with many piracy sites being hosted overseas?

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I will check it out, and thank you for your response!

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If you have leftover salmon from any of these recipes, flake it over rice prepped with seasoned rice vinegar, and mix with thinly sliced cucumber, carrots, and avocado if you can get it. Top with sesame seeds. It’s my favorite kind of sushi bowl.