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King_Shami-8 karma

Yes, a friend of mine Jennifer Ann Kealey, who died (killed) last year was a victim of such rituals. As a young child she was ritually abused and tortured, even ending up pregnant in her early teens after being drugged and raped. She has an untold story.

King_Shami-14 karma

Have you been able to trace her, or her family’s Masonic allegiances? It’s quite obvious to me that she and Jeff were suppling women for High Masonic rituals. I would suspect she’s an eastern star.

King_Shami-24 karma

Well, there are a few methods they use to obtain these young women. One of which are “foundlings”. “Dropped off” at (cloistered) monasteries. There are links to the Grey nuns. Ecclesiastic Freemasonry.