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Okay, I'm going to need to hear the story about the murderous spouse.

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You just reminded me that I haven't cared about anything on this sub since that whole debacle.

Unsubscribing, I guess...

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I feel like inviting all world leaders to a special meeting in space is how most plots to destroy the earth begin.

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Damn, can you imagine if you were one of the guys on the snowmobiles?

This is one of those situations where you kind of have to ask the celebrity for a picture or something, because you know that nobody is going to believe two people who swear they ran into Les Stroud filming Survivorman while snowmobiling in the North Pole.

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Sarut mana!

This really brought a smile to my face--for context, I'm an American that lived in Romania for a bit over a year, and made semi-regular visits to Moldova (once for close to three months--I spent most of my time in Orhei, but visited Chisinau pretty much weekly during that stay).

Anyhow, this kind of glib attitude about people who are clearly misusing authority--when you kind of resent it or hope it comes back to bite them, but you know you can't really do anything about it yourself--is something I think of as being a defining feature for Romanians and Moldovans.

Bunica moldoveneasca, m-ati facut sa-mi fie foarte dor de Moldova. Daca veniti vreodata in Oregon (seamana cu valul in care se afla Brasov daca ati fost vreodata, dar avem paduri putin mai mari si intotdeauna verzi), facem ciorba impreauna? Daca vreti, va invat sa conduceti motocicleta mea :)