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Why does turkey ban all sorts of sites?

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The studies I have read indicate little to no variation in overall nutrition and no indications of harm to humans.

The bigger issue is the lack of diversity in the mono-culluture fields, which isn't unique to GMO products.

Totally get the fight against industrial farming, which GMO products are a part of, but the actual product isn't the issue.

Where I live your not competitive unless you have 20 plus modern combines running 24/7 during harvest. The output of these farms per acre is absolutely staggering, but they are ecological dead zones. You have a crop like rye for 50 km in every direction and literally nothing grows or lives but that crop.


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Asbestos is natural, and really effective at what it does.

Are you using products with a history of being safe scientifically?

What your doing absolutely can be done properly, but some of the "organic" farming practices are significantly more dangerous then commercial products.

This is my big beef with organic farming, not saying your part of this.

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Dear lord.

No, every study was not conducted by Monsanto. Not just that, but these people eat the same food as you and I. Killing your customer and you employee tends to result in poor results, in the west at least.

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Its a racist duck?