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Did Les Miles have ridiculous contractual requirements? Had to ship in a sampling of sod from Death Valley every day while filming? Start every day with an enthusiastic clap, fingers spread just right to avoid injury?

But really, was it awesome working with Les?

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If solar/wind/nuclear/hydro have similar emissions, can you make a case for one/some over the others on some other factor? Safety, energy output, life cycle cost per unit of energy output, something like that? For example, I’ve heard that solar and wind will never come close to meeting our energy demands.

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According to this link posted elsewhere in this thread by u/ericgmeyer, mining for uranium has a relatively low impact compared to other resources mined for energy production. Also discussed elsewhere are methods for processing used nuclear fuel to minimize waste, and thus minimize how much new uranium needs to be mined. It's beyond my understanding but it sounds like the fuel rods are retired after only a small amount of depletion, and that the remaining "good fuel" could be recovered and reused.

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Would be interesting if they tacked on mining for materials for battery storage for solar and wind.

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I've read similar. Also that the mining for materials needed for true backup (i.e. enough batteries to backup a city's worth of energy usage) would do severe ecological harm.