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KindaSimilar43 karma

I made this account just to talk to you. I'm also in a D/s relationship, though nowhere near as extreme as yours. We are a normal couple outside the bedroom, though lately we have let the fetishes spill into the outside too and I think I'm naturally completely submissive to him.

I didn't have a shitty childhood, but I do have a lot of issues in general. My boyfriend is absolutely incredible and he truly cares and loves me. But I always wondered if one of the things that attracted me to this relationship so much was the appeal of having someone who could appease these issues. Particularly considering the nature of what we do (daddy dom). I don't know, but your post made me think, thanks for that :)

KindaSimilar6 karma

You welcome, I have to say it's weird seeing you articulate the feelings that I sometimes have too, very weird actually.

I think the main difference is that I am submissive, it's ingrained into who I am, whether it seems like you just did it because fuck it, what else did you have to do? Do you see what I mean? You're happy not having BDSM for example, I couldn't be in a relationship that didn't have that... Am I right about this or not?