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KindOfADickFace197 karma

Hey Neil,

I have about $30k in federal student loans that I have not even started paying down (because I can't afford to). I graduated a couple years ago but have avoided answering those calls. I'm terrified of what might happen. I have heard that income based payments exist, but I make so little, I really don't think I could afford more than 60 or 70 dollars a month without drastically changing my life (i.e. moving somewhere cheaper/selling my possessions/eating pb&j for every meal). I've heard of payments in the hundreds of dollars a month. That would be impossible for me.

How screwed am I, and what is my best course of action? Thanks.

Edit: Thank you so much for everyone who offered advice. I'm going to call and set up an IBR tonight. Deep breath. Ready for the sigh of relief. THANK YOU!