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I was at a friend's once and he received a telemarketing call for from a telco trying to get him to switch his phone/internet etc to them. He straight starting to pretend he was a 85-year old lady who didn't understand a thing about what it involved (he's actually an IT tech :p ) and got the poor telemarketer to try and answer each of the stupid questions he would ask, often 2-3 times each (hey, 85 year old). He kept it going for a good 20 minutes then ended it with something like "I won't change anyway because I have an emergency device that calls out if I wet myself and I don't want to risk it not to work because of the change". I was literally ROTFL during the whole time, trying not to laugh too loud to be picked up through the phone. The most awesome is that it was so well played that the caller very likely never realized he was being pranked... definitely didn't feel like a break for him this time. Was one of the best laughs of my life though, and we'd have paid to know how he explained the call to his coworkers at the end of the day.