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"That's right, guy next to me! I'm over here becoming a Pokemaster, and all you've done in the last two days is shit in the water! What a fool you are."

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Seriously, I'm just sitting here hanging out and your wit and sense of humor are quite awesome. Thanks!

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How far "out of the way" can you really go?

All you're doing is parking and delivering a car, after all. Please note I'm not trying to demean your profession, but I don't understand what kind of special treatment you might be able to give.

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I would just like to say that I've owned a usable MX518 for the last 9 years. It's never failed, it's never broken. I don't use it much anymore but it is the best mouse I have ever owned.

Thank you guys very much for your hard work.

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What all does that give you? How'd you get it? Rough estimate on cost?