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That is the exact same logic used for legalizing all drugs and I agree with it.

People will do it anyway. I'd rather they went to a facility with medical professionals present who can give a safe environment to use and access to help funded by the sales if they want, while at the same time ensuring what they get is clean and "safe" to use.

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Okay so basically this question is inspired by an indie game I have been supporting since the kickstarter called H-hour.

In the shooter market, it seems it is impossible to get a game invested in or published if it doesn't follow the "call of duty" guide lines. I needs to have the same core. First person shooter, fast paced with lots of explosions, health regen, respawn, gimmicy features etc.

However there is a huge market where there are lots of gamers, especially older gamers, who wants something different, or prefer third person shooters. However, bringing that stuff up seems to be a death sentence.

Look at the SOCOM series. Pretty well the opposite of COD. Third person, one life per round, basically a third person counter strike.

So my question is, are we ever going to see the market change when it comes to shooters? Seems if you want to be funded, you need to follow these guidlines and copy cod's core features, and then tweak settings, environments and the story from there.

I'm sick of the same game over and over and over.

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I guess I am talking about AAA games as well as indie devs trying to get games funded to compete with them.

Like look at the two biggest things right now. Battlefield and COD. People will tell you they are so different. However, they are basically the same game. FPS, respawn, health regen, gimmicky vehicles. Only difference is one you call in and don't control for the most part, the other you can drive them right away. One has smaller maps, one has huge maps.

The core of every big game right now seems to be the same. It sucks for people who are bored of it, because no one else can get funded to give some competition.

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At this point the release seems unlikely due to lack of funding, which is why I brought it up. Even with known interest, investors are still hesistant. Not sure if you were saying you would write a report or were asking me to, either way I would be happy to write it or read your take.