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One straight and simple question: Do you believe 100% the official story ? Or what is you percentage?

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"working class" or "rich working class "?

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  1. What other vaccine using mRNA has been deemed successful ?
  2. When the programed sequence of the vaccine agents finish killing the virus, what will make it stop Fighting other things on the organism?
  3. Is this a vaccine per se or it should be called different but by convention it is called a vaccine?

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What about the immune system of certain blood types that seem to be better suited to protect against Covid

Is there a statistical difference?

O we are just overloaded with news ?

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I have been to your country several times and always been amazed on how pork and potatoes are consumed but the german population is very healthy and long living. Why with all that fat and carbohydrates with massive beer consumption is the country not in a health hazzard? Could it be some gastro thing ? Or In your perspective, do americans consume more pork / potatoes than germans?