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Hey Allen. Long time follower here. I remember watching your video of picking a friend up from her High School in a Lambo my Junior year of HS. That was about 4 years ago. That video really touched me deep down and led me to do a lot of research about you. This ended up sparking my interest in CS and now I am close to graduating from Iowa State with a Software Engineering degree. You helped me find something I really enjoy doing and have given me a great direction in life. I can't really think of much for a question, but I'll try...

How do you determine which projects to spend time on? For example, I recently made a Discord bot for some friends and myself but over the past month it has acquired a user base of around 50k users over 1500 servers. I really enjoy working on it but this summer I will have a lot more time to work on projects and I do have a interesting idea I want to pursue. The idea is a lot more profitable. Would you suggest trying to balance two projects or go all in on one? Thanks!

Kikkia87 karma

Firstly, Thank you for responding. It means a lot.
I am thinking of trying to balance them as much as I can. Getting the income would be a huge plus and hopefully I can get to that point.
I have a few follow up questions too if you are still answering them.

How do you feel about different monitization models on mobile applications? (examples: Paid, Paid/Free tiers, Ads only) I have always wondered if a strategy like how for example Snapchat started with no ads and free for maximum user adoption would work.
Also I am much more proficient at Android and have never tried Obj-c. I want to make an app on both platforms. Do you have any experience porting from android to iOS or vice versa? Is it very time consuming?
P.S Seriously, Thanks and keep up the awesome work!