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The scene with Ecbert and Ragnar about religion is one of the best I've seen also. Amazing acting and writing!

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Some people describe phantom pains after losing a limb. Did you or do you experience anything like this and if so, what is it like?

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I'll be sure to give your YouTube video a watch!

Also this might be a bit of a weird question but I've recently started watching the last kingdom, which to me, shows a more natural dynamic between Saxon and Dane compared to other shows.

Do you know of any other viking shows that are more true to to nature than for example the History show Vikings?

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Do we have an accurate depiction of how viking and saxon would have lived?

Was it always war or was it also common to have negotiations?

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Hahah fair enough!! Thank you again for your time to awnser my questions! I'll be sure to give your YouTube video about Olav a watch and like.