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So, I used to be friends with a guy who had gastroparesis. His condition got so bad to the point he was having to be fed with a feeding tube, and eventually he had an implant put in that shocked his stomach into working, basically. Sometimes he could feel it shocking him and it caused him a lot of pain. He "cured" his gastroparesis over the course of three years through the semi regular use of orally ingested thc oil, I shit you not. Smoking was the only thing that allowed him to keep down food in the first place, but the different intake method is what eventually cured him of it; the doctors had the implant taken out and said they had never seen it just go away before (he didn't tell them how he had fixed it). I'm just a guy on the internet, but when I saw the link I thought you were my buddy from 6 years ago telling an old story for internet points. Maybe it could be something to think about?

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His was orb shaped and I could feel it right by his stomach; it worked for him about 70% of the time, but he still threw up 3-4 times a day (better than after every time eating anything and then more on top of that, but still way too much and not normal). He said he could tell specifically it was the wires shocking him. I don't know if it was some corrosion of the wire insulation or what, but it looked bad when it happened to him (doubled over, whimpering, the real deal). I just know what we did leading up to it getting better and better then basically just going away. Maybe it could help you; I just had something relevant to contribute for once in my reddit life and even told my girlfriend sitting in the room with me that I hoped you could use the information to your benefit. It may not be legal, but where I'm from, neither are blowjobs, so maybe the law doesn't always have the individual's interest in mind, you know?

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Are they that noticeable on your face?