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What is your best advice for an unpublished author? How long did you take to publish?

Thank you in advance, I know this is a set of questions you likely get often.

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I would like to thank you for posting this from someone who has experienced this first hand. You have very eloquently stated something that I have wanted to try and say to people for years. I am not a single parent, but the effects are quite the same. When you are trying to find a job for several months and living on sometimes as low as $400 a month for three people you tend to try and find your joy where you can sometimes. I am very careful with the food stamps I get usually. Fresh fruit and veggies, lots of rice to stretch, and careful planning. But when you have been taking the day doing the bill dance, seeing doctors that only offer disappointing news, handling a very cranky baby, and having car problems on top of everything you better believe that I am going to splurge a little with the food stamps and get something for my hubby he will really enjoy.

Typically I get to spend two hours at night with just my husband and I. Most of the time is spent talking about bills and work. That kind of mental exhaustion does wear on a person, and I do sometimes buy a bit of junky food. I am not saying everyone is a saint, but people here are too hard on those who get food stamps. There are very many of us who are just trying to make it by until we don't need it anymore.

Edit: Besides, Most people pay only a very tiny ammount of their income to food stamps in the first place.

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Long time very dedicated fan. Sadly missed Kinky Boots but really wanted to see it.

Question is: What do you like most about your life right now? I am battling severe pain related depression, so holding onto things that make life better is very important to me right now.

Thank you.