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Why is it Chris R. and not just Chris?

Was the interaction in the movie The Disaster Artist true to life at all in that the question came up but was just completely ignored? Or did it never come? Or was there actually an explanation?

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You can use two asterisks /** to make something bold (and another two to stop the rest of the text being bold).

You can also use a hashtag /# to make it a "heading", which makes it bold AND big!

like this!

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Everything changed after the fire nation attacked.

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This is an incredibly inspirational! I'm always amazed when people truly get out there and personally make the world a better place.

From your experience, do you think most volunteer opportunities lack people or funds with which to act?

I recognize, of course, that both are critical and that in most cases it's good to get as much of both as possible. But I also wonder if it can help motivate people to do one or the other!