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Not a good idea.

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One of our cats caterwauls every night. It's a truly heartbreaking sound. What did we do to cause her so much pain? Why can't she just tell us?

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Apologies for the quick and vague comment. From what I understand certain types of CFers can cause illness in other CFers. My niece was diagnosed two days ago...so my knowledge of CF is in its infancy. I just felt it necessary to quickly dissuade a meet up before the idea was tossed around any more. I didn't feel qualified to explain further, and I still dont, but I knew those with more thorough understanding would chime in with details.

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Hi Chef Bayless! I have a deep love for black beans, but sometimes they can get a little monotonous (rice & beans, black bean soup, tacos, etc...). Do you have any suggestions for preparing black beans that is more off the beaten path?