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Have you heard about the tragedy that happened in Lac Megantic, Quebec? What are typical security precautions you must take when the train is being parked next to a hill?

What happens if the engine gets shut off? Do you effectively lose brakes?

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Mr Greenwald, Are you able to say what kind of encryption you are using? It would be nice to know what is still not easily disabled or worked around.

EDIT: It seems he answered this below:

See above: use GPG, Pidgen/OTR, Silent Circle, Tails, Tor

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What is a t-8 fighter jet? I tried to look it up, and the closest thing I was able to find was a a prototype to the (russian) Sukhoi SU-25.

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He's a lawyer doing an AMA for advertising. Of course he wants his number here. Its probably on the website.

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Thank you so much!