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I really like this response. While i can jive with basic premise of experiences over possessions...i’m find it used a lot by people who actually just want to shirk obligation. I run HR/Hiring and there is a persistent trend of people not wanting to act like their job is important..just because it’s easier to justify bailing on work/shifts to go do things when you can say you’re doing it for the experience, not focusing on the money you make at a job.

I’m trying to figure out the best way to respond to people who think i’m some big bad money grubbing boss for wanting people to do their jobs.

Meanwhile, in my personal life...i feel like i’m getting a lot of push back socially from people who think i should only work where i can just make my own schedule and dip put for an “experience” whenever.

At the end of the say, it feels like people will just wax philosophic reasons for demanding leisure with all the material perks of having jobs and working.

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Haha, nah, you’re doing a great job with this AMA! I think the topics you are discussing are so important to our society right now. Thank you!

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Great response

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It seems like your ability to get into your field required you to be very extroverted