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Ooooh, so not kidnapped by ISIS for like ransom and straight nefarious shit. Kidnapped by a parent who then ran away to ISIS. That makes way more sense. If it was the first case, I can't imagine how it wouldn't have been a massive, massive mainstream news story.

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They fell out of the news pretty quickly because they were ramshackle plastic sheeting huts surrounded by tires and full of starving kids and two crackpot older men who weren't going to get anywhere.

Sinclair Media pushed the stories hard like it should be a big deal. If you know anything about Sinclair, I'm sure you can guess why they tried to make them a much bigger deal than they were in reality.

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In the original puppy bowl, which was super low budget and had like zero edits, the ref would blow the whistle, call a puppy foul, then clean it up on camera. It was hilarious.

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Can they bring back the Puppy Foul from the original? Nothing better than watching the ref mop up the mess with a dead look in his eyes. Outside of the cute puppies that is.

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Obviously I know nothing about this specific person at all, but something like driving drunk and a resulting bad car wreck could get you a triple murder type of a charge. Murder in the US is specifically pre-meditated, but there might be something lost in translation there. Scandinavian prison systems tend to be more about rehabilitation, so a case along those lines and a person showing a lot of remorse could get a lighter sentence/imprisonment situation.