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Did you (or your insurance) have to pay for hospital treatment, or are injuries sustained in a crime like this paid for some other way?

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"I fell down and broke my leg, better call an ambulance. Oh and while I'm at the hospital, maybe they can look into this sucking chest wound while they're at it, y'know, if they're not too busy with the leg."

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Well without the thieves, the LP guys wouldn't have a job, so you've got to give them that :)

I suspect a lot of the thieves treat it as a game anyway, so see LP as the 'opposition' to be bested, and arrest as an occupational hazard.

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Is there a single exchange in the country that Daisy isn't 3000% oversubscribed on?

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The wholesale ISP behind companies like SSE who have little to no experience as an ISP, but somehow are at the cheapest end of the spectrum because it's all Daisy doing it in their name on the cheap. In my experience, they're heavily oversubscribed and thus use really aggressive traffic management to give as many users as possible at least a fraction of the speed they pay for, resulting in customers with perfectly clean lines getting about 5mbps during peak periods.