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Animators (not inbetweeners) most certainly don't draw 24 frames for each second. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traditional_animation#.22Shooting_on_twos.22

Usually top quality animation is done on twos (12 frames for each second), with keyframe animator doing as low as 3 to full 12 of those frames, and inbetweener filling in the rest. Some types of animations can get by with threes if style suits it (ie. johnny bravo) and still maintain high quality appearance. SFX Animation sometimes does full 24 frames (ie, for water motion). There are specialty animations done in full 24 frames, but it's rare, real rare.

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It's a compromise. Directing is where you wake up on a day of shooting with a certain set of ideas. Everything else during the day is a set of compromises. How good your shoot goes (and how good your film is) depends on how many compromises your are willing to take and how far will they go.

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And a version of him where he IS Gigi Hadid

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Croatian news reports that it was all led by a croatian national, 19 years of age.

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I have a few question, since I have some experience with this.

  • Are you using motion control for shooting miniatures? I see a ronin on BTS, but eh.. not repeatable much? Also, which frame rates and shutter speeds do you use / what's your plan in order to convey scale?

  • How do you light models? From limited BTS footage, I see direct(!) lighting on models. Even if it's bounced, should't space have hard shadows with (almost) no penumbra?

  • Congrats on bravery for this huge undertaking! Wish you guys all the best!