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Rich and successful people always say follow your dreams because that's what they did but you have to be careful of confirmation bias. For every person like Justin there are thousands of people that dumped their life savings into a startup and it didn't work out. There are people that will be working until they die because they chased a pipe dream for too long. If you talk to someone like that they might have a different answer. So I think there's a balance you need to be careful of.

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I completely agree - for many people working a job they loathe purely for the money is just as unsustainable. thanks for the reply.

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Yep, but it's not always that simple. The amount of money and whether or not you have loved ones depending on you factor heavily into that equation.

You're making 600k but could be making 400k doing something you like more? That's a pretty easy decision. You're getting by with 80k and 3 kids but could be making 40k doing something that would bring you fulfillment? Tougher decision of course, especially if it means providing your kids with less security/stability and fewer options.