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Kevin-W73 karma

Any plans on making a Malwarebytes rescue CD in the near future? I've dealt with Malware that had made Windows completely unusable, even in safe mode. A rescue CD would help in this case.

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Personally I think when these workers can no longer afford to feed themselves or their families or when businesses start to lose a serious amount of money is when they'll protest on the streets.

Kevin-W42 karma

Big fan of Malwarebytes here! I can't count how many times that program has helped me in cleaning up malware that regular anti-malware programs would not catch and remove.

My question: What exactly is implemented in Malwarebytes that makes it pick up malware that regular anti-malware programs normally don't catch?

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Awesome! Looking forward to it!

Kevin-W21 karma

One more question, any way that we can trial the Enterprise Edition? I've been looking to replace Symantec, and would love to centrally manage and deploy Malwarebytes.