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This is awesome, and so relevant, thank you. I am 38 and recently retired from the Air Force after 20 years of service. I enlisted and was in basic training 3 days after high school. Just last year I noticed my burnout; I was active duty, full time college student, father of 4 children, on the board of directors for my state high school lacrosse league, and shadowing people in finance jobs to figure out what i wanted to transition into after retirement. I still feel stuck in the burnout with the pandemic affecting me now also. I made it all the way through the hiring process with a large investment bank that went into a hiring freeze before onboarding me and now have to wait until the new year to start. Until then, I am working as an operations manager for two separate franchises and feeling lost in the grind still, but now adding studying for FINRA certifications instead of college. How do you get out of the vicious cycle?

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Thank you for your response/time. I do also coach high school lacrosse at my son's all boys catholic high school. It is my "feel good" activity. I love being able to teach these young men to be leaders on the team and in their community. When I get to be apart of something that these young men will look back on hopefully as great parts off their lives, it feels good... plus I get to spend more time with my oldest and hear about what kind of shenanigans these boys get into now a days. Lol.