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Don't forget, your warriors are known the world over as some of the fiercest and finest to ever enter battle. The Gurkha is known and feared by any warrior - and for good reason. I also highly respect Nepal for being (alongside Japan and just a few others) one of the very few places on earth where European boots have not marched in conquest. You were never colonized.

When I think of Nepal, the first thought that comes to my mind is strength and hardiness.

Therefore, if I may ask, what would you say is one of your country's most peaceful and calming practices? What do you think of that embodies"cozy home" to you? What sort of food, architecture, home items, or other things come to mind?

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I always understood that life in Syria was pretty good for Christians compared to many Muslim dominated countries. Assad has done a good job of keeping things fairly secular and fair religion wise.

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I do not find the CIA to be a crooked organization, and deeply respect the folks I worked with. It is hard sometimes to approach it objectively, which I understand as their successes remain classified and we hear so much about their failures.

I've hear this a lot, but frankly I don't trust it anymore. If the successes were so great we'd be hearing about the ones that are long gone and declassified/open to the public. Instead, as history drags on all we hear about is more and more colossal failures

And I'm on you're side at that - as in, I'm an American patriot that loves my country and serves it with pride, and I still don't like "you guys". I have this opinion mostly because the failures of the CIA are so catastrophic it leaves the rest of us little people cleaning up the mess and suffering for it.

I genuinely don't believe the CIA is "crooked" just ridiculously idealist with some messed up notions about what "works" and what doesn't, with a lot of clowns in the lead. You end up looking like this guy not just to your fellow Americans but to the world-


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I'm American military who has, more or less, directly affected your country in some way.

From my perspective most of our actions in your country were not meant maliciously, that is, even the destabilization and civil war (which we egged on by providing arms) were intended to provide freedom and choice for the people of Syria. Obviously, there were other benefits for us too, and we made plenty of mistakes (many of our weapons ended up in ISIS hands, for example, who had to help fight and destroy), but the overall goal was not evil.

But how do you see us? Bumbling idiots with good intentions, malicious opportunists, malicious tyrants with no idea what were doing etc. etc. What is our character like to you?

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Oof, this moment. It sucks. The moment when you realize you can't identify with the normal people around you, because you just aren't one of them anymore. Sure, you aren't special, but the normalcy of the "Average Joe" you'd normally think of yourself - the idea that "anyone can do what I do" is suddenly lost.

You'd think it feels great, but as is obvious by your relatively visceral reaction, it doesn't. Don't worry about it though man. Accept it, embrace it. You're doing cool stuff and a lot of it you earned yourself, and anything you didn't you can't be blamed for. So enjoy this newfound "different" status in life!