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first I want to say thank you so much for your questions. This is my first AMA and although I have done a lot of interviews I have to admit that I am a little nervous. I never heard from him again. But I was hanging out at a coffee house and I remember on of the locals coming up to me and saying thank you. I said for what...he said that that was his dad that I saved. That was powerful. But I never heard from him{them} again

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That is a very good question and one that because I am older and wiser now I think I have a grasp on maybe not the whole answer but a part. The best way to counter a racist is to give their words NO POWER. People hate to be ignored. The second it to be nice to their kids. one day their kids are going to grow up with their own ideas. It is true that they will have influence from their parents and the media and people but you have to knock down the wall and kids are a good Trojan horse.

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Wow...that is moving. I would love to see the question. What class was it for and where? I am extremely proud to be part of history. I have taken the lesson of the peace makers put it into action and showed the world that human life no matter who's life it is matters. I don't know if it ever really sunk in. I am hearing you now talk about me on an exam. [I hope you aced it by the way] But I only have 500 like on my face book page lol..rofl.

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I have no regrets I would do it all over again.

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I got a lot of flack from people. Some called me a race trader, KKK supporter, it was hard. But for every bad commit I got their were far more people who were proud.