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Thanks for the AMA.

  • What was the reason for your biological parents separating? If they'd lived together for 12 years, what was missing that caused them to divorce?

  • Do you feel that you've (or your sister has) been 'wronged' in any way? That your parents had you when their hearts weren't into it?

  • Do you have any other siblings? Any other children in the family planned? (births, adoptions etc)

  • What is the best thing about living like this?

  • What is the worst?

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Hi. I've lived in Oman for many years and I must say it is pretty courageous for you to be doing this, if it is real. And kudos to your parents too for supporting you through this, as opposed to just buying you an abaya and telling you to deal with it.

Also, proof?!

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as /u/CallMeBanjo so eloquently put it.

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What is the craziest thing you have ever witnessed on the job? :p

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Hi Nigel, is it too late to ask?

Just 2 Qs, (a) Why don't you sign dancers, like Disney does for singers (Britney, Miley etc) and once they're out of the competition, you end up being their producer or manager or whatever? If you already do that, doesn't that affect your judging?

(b) will we ever get a bloopers reel or unedited releases?