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Why did you create the bot in the first place?

I was fresh out of dropping out of college and wanted to learn programming, found a programming discord server, learned about Discord's API, and just started teaching myself to program by making a bot!

Is it alot of work to maintain?

It is, it's really a full time job. A lot of people would be surprised how much work goes into running the bot. It's really a full blown business on the back-end.

Does it generate any income?

Yup! We have some AWESOME patrons that support us each month. It pays all our bot bills, pays for me to hire developers, and puts diapers on my baby's butt each month.

EDIT: I believe this is my first gold, I really appreciate it! Ya'll are the best!

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That's really a major sticking point for me.

Bots that lock 40% of their features behind a paywall have no servers for a reason, no one likes that! In the future as we adapt new patron features, we also plan to retire old ones into being free!

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Not even for a second. I was amazed the day we were added to our 1,000th server.

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Hypothetically, probably more anatomically correct pepe dolls.

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Hi Nate, I've been good and I appreciate you for asking.