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It's like a marriage. There are some things your wife is driving you crazy with but the big picture in the background makes you forget about that. I don't think your wife would like to hear shes annoying you. Nobody does that I guess.

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Hey Felipe, I'm glad you're back with a new game! What a coincidence because I just recently found the YT channel FliteTest, did the required german (free) model pilot license and am right now looking for a nice DIY kit. I haven't thought about a flight sim yet but this is a no brainer for me! I have a couple questions so feel free to answer as many or little as you like! Just btw. KSP inspired my own YouTube channel (knews.space) and while I'm not the biggest creator out there I will happily give you a big shoutout! Anyways..

While I love the idea of a flight sim where you can build your own planes in KSP style, there is one major downside for me and that is VR. I don't own a VR headset so my first question is are you planing to bring this to non-VR users as well?

Second, incredibly popular among DIY model plane builders are simple materials like foam and cardboard. Do you think it would be somehow possible to implement this into your game? Like let people cut out stuff from cardboard, glue it together, strap an engine on, maybe hook up some electronics and go! If it flies they could maybe print out some templates and so on.

And because KSP is my favorite game of all time I would also like to know if you are still in contact with Squad or if you are completely out of the loop when it comes to its development? As a follow up: If you are in contact do they still take advice from you and if yes what were your most recent experiences?

I would also like to address a maybe more controverisal topic: There was a lot of drama on the KSP subreddit in the past regarding devs leaving and so on. Much of it was as I think just baseless hate from people who just like to cause harm for unknown reason, but can you maybe share your story about that from your point of view? Is there anything you always wanted to tell about that?

That's it thanks for you time Felipe, I hope your new game will be a success and if I were you I'd really try to hook up with FliteTest! (If you haven't already)

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Imagine a mission where a huge asteroid will hit KSC in 5 years or so and Jeb has to rescue the world! You can try to hit it or build a rocket station on it and so on. Very cool!

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Hey Mr. Bruno. I am Lukas from Germany and space flight caught me by accident when I tried out a game called Kerbal Space Program. How do you weigh the impact of KSP or space related computer games in general on space exploration?

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Thanks a lot! Just another idea: My first rc plane is going to be a glider so it would be cool to have some kind of upwind currents and maybe have birds flying around using them as indicators. Thinking about that gives me some Pilotwings vibes! Also if you're at model planes why not add model rockets lol.. full circle! xD Now that I think about it there is a also a boomerang community that would surely enjoy a VR boomerang simulator but accurate spinny lifting body physics could be a nightmare. I'm not sure.

Okay enough of that. I'm looking forward to hear and see more of Balsa!

PS. The Occulus link on your homepage is broken!