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Did you see the UN Forces first hand and, if so, how did you feel about them when they didn't intervene (as their mandate was to observe), even when atrocities were occurring in front of them?

I served as part of SFOR in 98 and saw the result of a country devastated by war first hand.

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Was there a noticable change when IFOR replaced the UN?

I returned to Banja Luka in 2006 and noticed a massive change and rebuilding effort since 98. Completely different atmosphere.

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....is worth noting that BBC Question Time go to huge lengths to ensure their audiences are reflective of the general..... political opinion, stance on Brexit etc.

Come on, man. 😆

Yeah, the Beeb operates completely free of bias, especially on the question of Brexit. 🙄

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Pineapple on pizza - friend or foe?