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The Ottawa, Odawa, Outawais, will thrive. As it is now. It lives. It's a living language. I have been fortunate to have grandparents, uncles, aunties, and friends speak in the Odaw language, which is my first language, which makes me think in the language/dialect, so it's difficult at times to express myself in a secondary language, like English. PS If I sound oblique or off base to anyone's question, please forgive me as I do not think or speak in English. The world view that the Odawa have is to be one with Mother earth and a relative to to each leaf, pebble, or droplet of H20. So, as long as we have speakers back home on the reservation, the langiage pulses with vitality. But, true, the permeation of a global language, like English, does pose an obstacle, especially with the youth, who did not grow up on a farm or garden, or draft horses, and I was the water fetcher. Our water came from a springwater source. And from that came the sounds and expressions, of water, feel, taste, and more. Thank You for the question

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Thank you for the excellent question and your observations. We are all products of our times. And the children described are a reflection of that. And yes, coming from a millenia of self-care-sustenance, and community - communal care, the People of Attawapiskat are no different from any human being, and welcome any opportunity to raise themselves to that staure known for millenia and sadly eroded by church and state over 150 years of organized genocide. The UN definition of Genocide (1949) under its 5 charters clearly describes colonial, US and Canada, agenda to readicate "savages" True story my friend. Solutions? Extend the same kindness extended to Europeans 500 years ago, when they arrive on our shores starving and dying from illnesses. Help us now, help ourselves. Miigwetch - Thaqnk you for that question. Education and communication is an excellent tool for harmonious relations. Keep asking these questions, I encourage you. When one is curious, answers come. And keep an open mind, and heart. Extend the olive branch. Try. It may work. You may get disillusioned. And that's okay as long as one has an open heart and mind. Soften the heart my friend. Then you can help bridge solutions. And there are many solutions. It'll take a lifetime to implement. Again, Miigwetch-Thank You, Kenn

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Excellent question. FRom an Nishinaabe or Indigenous perspective or world view, there are many lessons from the communal and healthy experience. I have many stories. I would have to tell it in my dialect for them to resonate. Some are difficult to translate as English is limited in Indigenous comprehension. But, may stories under Nanabozho, said in mnay different ways, provides excellent life teaching material, said in a gentle and humorous way. Humor is foremost in the culture. The ability to laugh at oneself is paramount. That's a tricky excercise at time I have found,. At times when I perhaps thought I knew it all. So the creation stories bring sustenance to respect for self, others, and everything else from the flora and fauna. Many a nite I went to sleep howling with laughter as my grandparents told me stories in the oral language. There was nothing written. I'm coming out with some material that responds to your excellent question. Just give me some time :D Thank You. And I apologize for not having a favorite, as they all gel into another...They are so fun, these stories. But, I ramble. Have a super day.

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Miigwetch for the question...Miigwetch means Thank You. Love, I would provide love and a safe environment for an innocent soul...at first response. I would treat them as any healthy human being and or parent wants to have their children treated.

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Thank you for the question. I used to live in Toronto. Even on the concrete, I looked at it as Mother earth. Which is true. All that concrete and asphalt comes from my mother. So it grounds me. I remeber talking to trees and non-natives looking at me. That was funny. So I first gave thanks to that concrete or that tree, and then the air, and gives thanks for the ability to breathe, and the ability to walk on my mother, with respect and apologize to her, for soiling her person. Technology is an extension of the Nishinaabe way. I have all the latest tweets and such. And I made sure my children did. But ech was grounded in that sand on the beach or the water they swam in. Yes. we all know the detriments of modern technology, but each time I start my car, I have to thank her, she is mother earth, and the fuels in her, which all come from her again. So I dsay Miigwetch-Thank you, and please forgive me. Thank your car, truly :D, and the fuel to make it go. Thank the lumber or mortar that holds up your abode. It's all mother earth. If you can sit by the water, or next to tree, talk to it. You are heard each time. I guarantee it. And from time to time, take a time out and turn off cell phones and computers, which I do. When my children came to me, I always turned off the television. Even if my favorite program was on. EWalk away from it all. And go where. In my case, deep into the forest. Alone. :)