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OP seems like a bundle of sticks, ontario isnt polar to begin with but the total population of northern ontario is only 780k in an area of nearly one million sq. kms.

He said his region has a population of 548k which means it must be in southern ontario which is one of the warmest areas in all of canada

Edit: Halton Ontario Has the exact same pop and is about as south ontario as you can get. Hes only an hour from buffalo NY

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Where i am in SK garbage is weekly though the summer and only bi-weekly through the winter so it definitrly fluctuates. In the summer we also use a green bin for compistables on top of the regular bin

Also dont bother asking OP hes from southern ontario which is further south than many american states.

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This is a perfectly diverse group, not a white male in sight.

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Oh no no infact even the slightest breeze cou....

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Hes even from southern ontario to boot. Halton ont has the exact same population he quoted