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Does CCL engage inside political parties to help particular candidates at specific times (leadership campaigns and to become candidates in general elections) who would be good for climate change?

If not, I would respectfully ask:

  1. Why not? And

  2. Do you know any organization that does?

I state the following only to explain to explain what I mean and why it seems like an important action for an organization to consider:

In Canada, either the leader of the Liberal Party or the leader of the Conservative Party becomes Prime Minister. The PM and the Prime Minister’s Office pretty much do what they want. Ditto in each province. The Ontario Provincial Liberals are presently in the midst of choosing a new leader. I joined the party before the 2 December 2019 deadline for the exclusive purpose of supporting the best climate change candidate.

In the last Ontario general election to choose the Premier, 5.75 million people voted. There are 37,831 members eligible to vote in the Ontario Provincial Leadership race. Thus, my vote within that race is 152 times more powerful than my vote in a general election

Right now, there is a very important party leadership campaign for the federal Conservative Party (like Republicans) starting up. The outgoing Conservative leader campaigned on cancelling our Carbon Tax, and three of the current candidates say they will, too.

I won’t try to convince you of anything here. This idea has preoccupied me for a few weeks now and I would appreciate your thoughts.

Thank you.

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Thank you.