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Ever thought of having dead flavours come back from the graveyard over Halloween?

edit- Holy wow, thanks for the replies guys! Since this has apparently exploded I'll confess for full disclosure that I honestly can't remember whether I actually came up with this, dreamed it, heard it mentioned somewhere or read it on here or what, but it'd definitely be cool if this were a thing to put the Reddit sticker on. :D

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Whale orcastrated?

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Selling books, for instance?

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That makes sense. I noticed that there isn't really much caution around the subject, and thought that there probably would be more if the risks were super high.

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Hello! Thanks for all the awesome work. I'm new to the Quest scene, but am already loving Sidequest.

Wondering what your thoughts are on the safety/risk of using modded Beatsaber content, emulators, or other things you probably wouldn't want to host? I seem to remember reading somewhere that some modding apps were taken off of Sidequest fairly recently due to a new FB policy?

I totally get why you'd want to take absolutely zero chances with your platform, but from your experiences coexisting with FB, do you think individuals are at much risk of repercussions?