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Seems like God Squad is out in force today!

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Hey :) I’m from the U.K. so I don’t really understand how paying for surgeries work in the US... because you were donating an organ did you have to pay for your surgery/time in hospital or was this paid for via some form of charitable cause?

You did an amazing, selfless thing. My auntie has had 2 failed kidney transplants but without people like you she wouldn’t ever have had an opportunity to try so Thankyou. Hope you have a quick recovery.

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I go on the attack? I make sweeping statements? You need to look at what you've said. I haven't called you names, I'm not about that. But the things you're saying aren't exactly kind are they? I am not here to argue, but at the same time if someone writes something that I disagree with, particularly on a subject such as homosexuals, of course I am going to say something because I believe what you are saying is wrong. Why do you have to see it so deeply? Can't you just let consenting adults be together regardless of gender? Why does it matter? Why shouldn't they be allowed to marry like the rest of us? Why single them out? It's like racism, it's unnecessary hatred to a particular group.

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Erm.. I believe I wrote consenting adults, not people who are in love with children. And it is outdated, why do you think so many countries are passing the law now? If it doesn't affect your life at all, then why do you think gay people shouldn't marry? Imagine ifyou were told you couldn't marry the love of your life just because of a persons own belief? It's no way to live. We are in a modern society, homophobia shouldn't even be an issue.

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Gay people have the same rights as straight people? I'm sorry but can you show me how many countries would put you to death for being straight? 0. Now try with gay people. The definition of marriage is outdated; love knows no gender and people should be free to marry whoever they want. How the hell can you compare a gay person to a peadophile or someone who engaged in bestiality? That's exactly what you're doing by saying where so we draw the line. If two consenting adults wish to marry then who are you to stop that?