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Camp Camp?

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I used to work on a ward for lower limb amputee rehab, and I have to say, it was people like you that made the job a joy. People willing to push that little bit harder to make their rehab and physio goals and see the bright side of what had happened to them. It's a cliché, but the patients who were making jokes and laughing about the whole thing were the ones who did much better than the ones who moped about and were depressed about the whole thing.

Having said that, the biggest laugh working there didn't come from a patient, but from a patient's son. Guy had lost his right leg to about mid shin after he got his shoelaces caught in the wheels of a forklift. He was being measured up for his final prosthesis and was given a choice of finishes on it. He turns to his 6 year old son and asks him "What leg should daddy get? One that looks like his old leg or a metal one?" His little boy looks at the brochure then solemnly tells his dad "Daddy, you have to get the Terminator leg. It's much cooler than the others!"

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Somewhere at Google HQ

"Hmm. Lots of people are searching for thrombosed hemorrhoid, must be intere... OH JESUS WHY?!"

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There is a Countdown Teapot. The winner of each show receives one. As far as I am aware this is the only way to get one. Aside from eBay, of course.

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Funny looking red there Bruce...