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KeejayOV26 karma

Many polls will inform betting markets - the General Election market roughly reflects the poll of polls at Star. The benefits of betting markets as a guide are that you can get a read on the trend faster for the polls if you can spot serious money. The benefit of reading the polls is the methodology involved - don't believe those who will tell you that the polls are wrong because they didn't get a result exactly right.

Link to GE market: https://starsports.bet/event/108944/next-general-election

KeejayOV20 karma

Not a surprise that a canddiate with a big online following is popular in the betting markets to me. Is there a pathway to victory? It comes with getting a lot more media attention, and staying in the race until he does so, but I think this could have come too early for him.

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IF he can get the policy coverage, then Yang can still grow amongst the progressive left and also young people. This Democratic field does feel more progressive than most previous ones.

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Reasonably so. It's not as profitable as sport but we at Star have taken and won bets of five figures, and the interest is only growing. The more that you offer, the more you can make.

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28/1 (or 3/.4%) with Star to win the whole thing, and 16's (5.9%) for the Democratic nomination. When he gets more coverage, he tends to go up in the markets.